As a leading hosting provider, Aventice has been growing rapidly. We currently have more than 9 highly skilled employees to meet our clients internet infrastructure needs.

We are an organization with a highly trained and motivated staff, committed to meeting the IT requirements of our customers in an effective and cost efficient manner. Aventice has a flat organizational structure, infused with an entrepreneurial spirit, which empowers employees to make decisions to efficiently meet the commercial and technical requirements of its customers. It is privately owned by management, so Aventice is not burdened by a cumbersome and inflexible bureaucracy, commonly experienced in many larger publicly traded companies.

International workforce
 Aventice’s unique and ambitious working culture is strongly based on the variety of international influences from all over the world. People from the UK, USA, Germany, Poland, Italy, Greece and other countries have chosen to work for Aventice, attracted by its strong portfolio of international customers. We actively encourage the diversity of our workforce and continue to actively recruit an international workforce from all over the world to support our further successful growth and to meet the global requirements of our customers.